“Bigger Fish to Fry” is podcast series with three episodes focusing on the food history of enslaved people, their nutrition, and the legacy that slavery, health, and diet have on modern populations. My project illuminates the connection between these subjects by answering the following question:

How did the foodways of enslaved people, including their diet and nutrition, affect their health?

For American black people, the history of our ancestors is often limited to the struggles and suffering that they endured. This podcast is meant to bridge the gap between academic research and non-collegiate audiences, who deserve to understand the lives of their ancestors. By doing so as a country, we can begin to correct the legacies of slavery and racism.

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About Me

Carolyn Mason is a recent graduate from George Mason University with an Anthropology major and Spanish minor. It is her goal, not only as an anthropologist but as a black woman in academia, to do research that highlights and promotes the voices of those who have been left out of the story. Anthropology has no use if it is not made relevant and impactful to modern societies by including the stories of everyone, from all kinds of perspectives.

Mason is currently pursuing a graduate degree in anthropology and hopes to continue to present impactful research in an engaging manner. Reach out to biggerfishtofrypodcast@gmail.com to connect!

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